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Join the community-led NFT collective with monthly drops that you decide
See the CARicatures

Design the art you want created

Experience a brand new collaborative community where members vote on the influence, style, and details of every NFT
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Create NFTs together

Our foundation revolves around letting the collective choose what happens in each phase of the monthly cycle

How does buying an NFT work?
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Make your voice heard

Vote using your NFTs rarity and participate in multiple ways to level up in our ecosystem to earn perks

How do creators get picked and paid?
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Empowered by Cardano

Caricature artists can focus on their craft while we support them with our community and tech in a new medium

How else can I use my NFT?
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Don't miss your chance to pick & design future

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Use your NFT to vote on the next series of

Cardano Caricatures
If you own any NFTs, you get to decide which future Caricatures are created. The more rare your NFTs are, the more voting power you have!
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Unlock voting, giveaways, early access, and more
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Limited edition NFTs

Only 1,000 NFTs are ever minted per Caricature with increasing rarities from Common to Legendary for you to collect, sell, and trade
See the number of NFTs for each rarity
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Unique Variations

Each Caricature has 15 different versions from facial expressions, custom backgrounds, exclusive stamps, and hidden special items
Explore every version of the Caricatures

Learn about the phases of our monthly cycle

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Community submits their inspiration for the next Caricature based on a certain theme
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Pick from the top three viable submissions using your NFTs as voting power to select a winner
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Artists work on the Caricatures with further community driven inspiration while we onboard
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Participants in the cycle and our ecosystem as a whole are rewarded with early mint discounts

Learn more about Caricatures from our community

Claim your prints
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Cardano Caricatures
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The original Charles Hoskinson NFTs are eligible to claim their free art print
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Connect your wallet, setup your new profile, and claim your place in line
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Witness batches of prints get fulfilled around the world & finally get your print
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Individually Numbered

Each Caricature you own is individually numbered with how many were minted of that same variation so no NFT is exactly the same
See the number of NFTs minted for each variation
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